Autumn in Arendal

Autumn Arendal-25730

Just to show you that we have had autumn in Norway, too. Shot at the end of September.


16 thoughts on “Autumn in Arendal

  1. Stilig bilde … ser jeg en hånd der? De gule trærne lyser virkelig opp, med hjelp av solen. Nå er snart bladene borte (sukk). Nyter siste rest.

    Ha en riktig god helg, Rune!


  2. That’s an interesting composition – almost like an abstract painting, an interplay of shapes and form and light and colour which has a life of its own even without its subject matter.


  3. I love the lighting in this photo! It is autumn here also, but it is hotter than summer was! I hope it isn’t a trend…


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