As any visitors can see for themselves, I’m still experimenting with WordPress. I find that the approach is quite different from that of Blogger, and maybe not as intuitive. But at least they don’t temper with the photos!

I have put in a photo shot this summer on one of the few days when the sun didn’t shine. I found this abandoned  concrete shed which nature seems to be slowly taking over.

16 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. The beautiful nature that can be seen through Windows offers a rich contrast with this sad abandoned place .


  2. Gosh, that is a super photo! Good luck with WordPress. I don’t like it myself. Do you know Windows Live Writer? It is a great tool to help you blog straight from your PC

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  3. Yes, WordPress is very different. It gives you more control, but it is also more complicated. Once you set up your theme and plugins, the rest is easy. If you have any questions, send me an email, I might be able to help.

    Cool shed, I like your processing.


  4. Meget fine kontraster her, Rune!
    Især mere gamle og “slidte” forladte steder synes jeg er fantastiske foto motiver. Men de er svære at finde her i Danmark….


  5. Så kult, Rune! Herlige kontraster, og tøff redigering. Ser nesten ut som det er et stor poster av naturen midt i mot… stilig!
    PS. Tusen takk for veldig hyggelige kommentarer, Rune!
    Ha en fin dag:)


  6. Thank you for your so kind comment ! Your blog is also one of my favorite , and I learn a lot from you , not mentionning the pleasure I have to dream about Norway thanks to you .7 years long sharing blog friendship : Skal ! :o)


  7. Good shot; any HDR in there? I’ll watch how it goes for you with WordPress. I don’t think I get into blogging enough to worry too much about blogger. I spend more time with Flickr and am just tipping my toe in the water with 500px.


  8. Ha ha ha ser nesten ut som du er klar og venter på jula!! det var den grana som først fanget blikket mitt her.

    Spennende ja Rune, se hvilke erfaringer du gjør deg med ny bloggplattform! ønsker veldig gjerne høre mer om dine erfaringer etter hvert, for vi er vel flere som har tenkt tanken 🙂


  9. I’m waiting to see how you do with WordPress. I dabbled with it once. If you succeed, I may try it again. But truly it is different from Blogger. I think it takes time to learn it well.


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