A New Sheet and a Sharp Pencil


I have been using Blogger as host for my blog Visual Norway since 2006. It has been an interesting experience, but also one that has added some grey hairs to the very many I already have. Blogger is very flexible when it comes to design, but it also likes to decide many things for you which you rather would decide for yourself. For instance, they “auto-enhance” and change the photos you upload whether you like it or not. And I don’t. The feature can’t be turned off unless you join their less than successful Facebook-clone called Google+. Which I have no intention of doing.

So here I am on WordPress. With a new and sharp pencil and a blank sheet ready to go. The new blog is obviously not a finished product, and I have a steep learning curve ahead of me, so wish me luck 🙂

Have a nice week!


16 thoughts on “A New Sheet and a Sharp Pencil

  1. litt fingertrøbbel men jeg kom frem til slutt. Hva med å lage en automatisk link fra den gamle til den nye 🙂
    Ellers hyggelig å høre fra deg. Nå har jeg brukt opp 2 pacemakere og ellers har det blitt noen medisinske utfordringer i det siste året.
    Bra nå. Håper det samme med deg


  2. Blanke ark og “nykvesset” blyant … lykke til med ny blogg. Herlig bilde, små lubne barnefingre er alltid koselig å se 🙂


  3. Hello in your new place. I’ve now remembered how difficult it is to take people on and off one’s Blogger reading list – but I’ve done it now and this is the blog which comes up. On the other hand, WordPress automatically logs my identity in association with my Loose and Leafy blog instead of Message in a Milk Bottle but I don’t suppose that matters too much. (It’s still me!)

    Looking forward to all your pictures here. It’s fun setting up a new blog!


  4. Wishing you luck, patience and creativity in adjusting you new blog, Rune. I’ve noticed the unwelcome enhancement of photos in blogspot photo manager too and was quite annoyed. Finally I upgraded to google+ though I was not a keen supporter at first but I’ve found my way and I’m satisfied now with what I have. Yet if I wanted to start something new, I’d opt for wordpress as well. It offers many interesting features and I’ve seen plenty of wonderful blogs created on its basis. Good luck! 🙂


  5. Jeg håber du bliver mere tilfreds med bloggen her!
    Nu bliver det lidt nemmere for mig at følge dig og lade mig inspirere af dine fine fotos 🙂


  6. I hope all goes well with the change, Rune. I have to agree that Google+ is indeed annoying and I don’t want to belong to it either! But I’m not prepared to learn anything new just yet. Maybe later, though.


  7. I think your blog is looking very good here. Not that it matters now, but just because you join Google+, you don’t have to use it at all. You can simply disable that option and the ignore it.


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