St. Kilda Fisherman

St.Kilda Fisherman-31517

St. Kilda Pier is a well-known feature of Melbourne, Australia. Fishing is also a frequent hobby among the locals. I found this one relaxing among his three rods one evening while passing by. Only the light from the lamp above is head was available.

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Indian Levitation Trick

Indian Levitation-3

You may have seen something like this before: One guy seemingly happy sitting cross-legged in the air, holding the upper end of a kind of stick …

Indian Levitation-36488.jpg

… and another guy is holding the other end of the stick – trying to to look concentrated.

One way of doing this can be found here.

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Stiklestad Church

Stiklestad Kirke-35642

Stiklestad Church (in Norwegian Stiklestad Kirke), is one of the oldest churches in Norway. It was built as a Roman  church in stone and was finished in 1180. It is one of the most iconic churches in Norway since is was built on the exact spot where King Olav Haraldson (later St. Olav) was killed in 1030.

Stiklestad is located in Trøndelag (in the middle of Norway), and I was there in connection with a family wedding.

Stiklestad Kirke-35651.jpg

Here is another evening photo, this time from the front.

Stiklestad Kirke-36284.jpg

And this is from another angle that shows one of the long sides of the church, obviously shot on another day.

Stiklestad Kirke-35656.jpg

This is a photo that I shot hand held without flash to test the lighting since I was asked to do part of the photography during the wedding. It was at the extreme of what my old Canon 7D could do under the circumstances (f4.0, 1/100sec and ISO 6400), so I had to use a flash later on to be on the safe side. But as a view of the inside of the church I think it worked fairly well.

Stiklestad Kirke-35659.jpg

Here is another photo from the interior, showing the organ which dates from 1980.

Stiklestad Kirke-35820.jpg

And since this was a wedding, there was of course a beautiful bride and a handsome groom🙂

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A Country of Cyclists


Denmark is a country made for cyclists. Not only is the country flat as a tabletop, but everywhere there are special lanes reserved for cyclists, like here in the outskirts of Skagen


If you have twins there is also a solution – a specially designed tricycle


Another type of tricycle is for carrying goods, like for instance your dog


And it is quite possible to ride a bike without steering and use a mobile phone at the same time


However, even the Danish cyclists have problems with red lights

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On the Beaches of Skagen


Skagen on top of Denmark has many beaches. Some are sandy and some are stony. And they are all made for walking, and the sandy ones are also excellent if you prefer to use a bike. BTW – just over the horizon is Sweden, thus the number of ships one can see here


No wonder the lady in red has stopped for a bit of staring and contemplating.


Just behind that outcrop is Grenen, where the beaches on both sides of Skagen meet and you can stand with your two feet in two different seas at the same time. It might look like everyone is leaving Denmark for a swim in the direction of Norway …


… as you can see from this photo shot on a previous visit to Skagen.


Among painters, the light here is considered wonderful, and even photographers give it a try on this stony beach.


Others just have a bit of fun.


On a stony beach you can find many beautiful rounded or otherwise well-shaped stones; even amber I’m told. There was certainly many who tried.

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